Financial Coaching

Do your finances feel like a nightmare?

Are you waking up each day wondering how you’ll be able to pay your bills – let alone plan for retirement or pay off your mountain of debt?

Do you wish you had the tools and support to give your kids the life they deserve? Do you want to teach them how to make smart financial decisions for their future?

Regardless of your specific financial situation, my guess is that you’ve reached some kind of breaking point

It could have happened when you found yourself unable to put your kids in their favorite after school activities.

Or, maybe your breaking point came when you realized that your mental and physical health has been sharply declining due to the stress that your financial situation has caused you over the years.

You’re here because you’re ready for change!

You’re sick of struggling and feeling like you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

You wonder how you can possibly change your relationship with money. You worry that the habits you’ve formed around money will rub off on your kids. The last thing you want is to see them walk the same path.

I’m Coach Misty, and I want you to know that even though financial difficulties can feel isolating at times, you are NOT alone!

I’ve been in your shoes (along with 95% of the planet), and I know how difficult it can be to seek the help you need.

My own money story is filled with struggles and breaking points, which took me years to recover from. The shift in my money mindset came slowly, but I’ll tell you what – it made all the difference in the world.

You can read more about my story right over here.

Here’s the thing…

No matter how underwater you feel right now, know that the financial problems you’re dealing with DO have a solution. There is absolutely a way out. You’re too involved and overwhelmed in the situation to be able to see where the exit signs are. That’s where I come in.

At Crazy Fun Finance, I offer hands-on financial coaching to help get you and your family back on track – BUT before I dive in, let’s see if financial coaching is right for you…

My coaching program is Absolutely for you if…

  • You’re ready to enjoy the process of managing your finances
  • You’re excited to get to the root of your money problems, as well as the story you’ve been telling yourself surrounding money
  • You’re willing to dive into the reality of your situation and face your “money triggers,” even if it makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable
  • You’re ready to do the work it takes to make necessary changes in your life and spending habits
  • You’re feeling good about getting your family involved and getting educated when it comes to managing your money
  • You feel hopeful about gaining a new money story and feel confident in applying new money mindset strategies to make it happen
  • You get that there’s no easy or instant fix to your problems and are ready to dedicate yourself and your family to a long term plan of action

However, this program is Not right for everyone!

  • You’re not ready to face your situation head-on and feel too embarrassed to look objectively at your money story and triggers
  • You expect a quick and easy solution
  • You would rather just handle everything on your own without bringing in support from a coach, your family, or your friends
  • You’re not willing to be consistent and dedicated to your improved financial future
  • You refuse to spend any money or time on self development, and would rather just continue on doing things the way you’ve always done them
  • You’re not ready to move your life forward in an honest and truthful way

You CAN turn it around!

Financial freedom is totally possible.
I’m here to show you how to make it happen.

Curious about how financial coaching works? Let’s dig in a bit…

First and foremost, my goal is to help you create fundamental shifts in your perception of money and finance.

These shifts will positively affect every aspect of your relationship with your finances. Whether it is prioritizing funds, tracking your spending habits, or becoming more mindful of the way you approach spending money each day.

Our honest conversations will help get to the root of your money issues and will serve to reshape your entire money mindset.

Together, we will set a realistic plan to take you from financial overwhelm to living a life in line with your goals and dreams.

Results? You betcha! Financial coaching has allowed my clients to…

  • Put together a savings plan for emergency expenses and vacation funds
  • Talk through money issues with their partners, kids, and family. They’ve found that these difficult conversations have brought them closer. 
  • Pursue an exciting financial future based on their dreams, which now feels completely attainable.
  • Eliminate anxieties around late fees, overdue notices, and loss of home or property.



Welcome change into your life by asking difficult questions about your current situation

Erase your old money story and learn how to break free from the shame and self-sabotage that comes with it

Align your finances with your budget, beliefs, and life goals

Learn the processes for healthy spending habits, honest self-talk, and the required change needed to be who you are and what you want from your future

Tap into a new way of being with your finances so that you have confidence moving forward

Hack your monthly spending habits by taking an honest, non-judgmental look at your finances on a regular basis

For the past three decades, I have dedicated my life to helping individuals and families find financial success.

I’ve worked directly with CPAs to learn the ins and outs of tax preparation, banking, accounting, and retirement planning. Now I’m here to share all this knowledge with YOU! 

Some areas I help my clients are...

Debt Payoff

Money Mindset

Retirement Planning


Vacation Savings

Don’t just take it from me! Meet my client Sara, a single mother who, following a heartbreaking divorce, found herself in financial trouble

Sara had a good job but had never had to take care of the finances until she was facing divorce. Debt, late fees, and emotional overwhelm quickly mounted up.

Sara was dedicated to creating a better financial life for herself and her kids. Together we looked at how, why, and where she was spending her money, and the vision she wanted instead. She wanted her kids enrolled in sports and dance lessons.

She wanted to take her family on a vacation, or even a staycation. And she wanted to get caught up on her bills and pay them on time moving forward. In other words, she wanted a budget that she could stick with and feel good about while saving for a vacation and special events for her kids.

Within 6 months, her kids were enrolled in extracurricular activities, all of her bills were being paid on time, and Sara was budgeting money for a family vacation. A first for her.

Sara’s acid reflux and headaches went away. She is sleeping better than she has in years. Best of all, Sara now had the energy to fully enjoy her kids!

Are you ready to see these results in your OWN life?

Select a program below to get started:


Monthly VIP sessions with Misty and a mini-VIP day!

As a Crazy Fun Finance VIP student, you’ll get:

  • Monthly private coaching sessions focused on your unique financial needs.
  • Unlimited email / text correspondence and quick phone chats if you need them; you get prioritized on my calendar!
  • Templates, App suggestions, and the WEALTH method step-by-step plan to reduce your financial overwhelm and guide you on the path to financial freedom.
  • BONUS offers, including a mini-VIP Day.

Rock Your

8-week group support & coaching experience

As part of the Rock Your Finances group you’ll get:

  • 1 x 90 minute 1:1 Deep Dive into your personal finances with Misty
  • Weekly Group coaching calls that take you from overwhelm to peace
  • Tools and Crazy Fun Finance approved resources to forever change your financial future
  • Private Facebook group to connect with other program members, share your stories, and ask important questions.


Extended one-to-one deep dive session with Misty

As part of your VIP Day Experience you’ll get:

  • 6 hours of private 1:1 deep dive into your finances
  • Move your finances from crazed to doable with a WEALTH Method plan designed around your personal needs
  • Build you a unique, specialized plan based on your personal future dreams and financial desires
  • Round the plan out with a 1:1 call 2-3 weeks following your Complete VIP Day to evaluate your progress and make any tweaks that need to be made for your continued success

A Final Note from Misty

It is never too late to turn your finances around.

You are not your past.

Emotional and financial overwhelm can be overcome.

The life you dream of is possible!

With honesty, a dream, and a drive for something different, your future can be whatever you desire it to be.

With love and belief in YOU,