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Financial Freedom?

GET OUT (and stay out!) of debt with our 5-Step Financial Roadmap

Do you feel financially trapped?

Are you overwhelmed living paycheck to paycheck?

It does NOT have to be this way!

Crazy Fun Finance cares about helping women like YOU overcome financial stress by reducing spending and building healthy financial habits that serve to bring you and your family into a stable, debt-free future.

I’m guessing right now…

  • Your paycheck is gone almost immediately after you receive it
  • You’re so overwhelmed at the prospect of saving for retirement that you keep putting it off
  • Your bills get paid late and tend to stack up fast
  • You aren’t sure what needs to change in order to have a healthier relationship with money

That’s where I come in!

Hey there, I’m Misty. I’m here to help you overcome the emotional roadblocks that are keeping you from the financial freedom you deserve!

I too have faced (and overcome!) student debt, daunting credit card balances, and budget failures. I have lost sleep over non-existent retirement and emergency savings.

Not anymore! I’ll show you how to get from fearful to philanthropist in a way that won’t leave you feeling like all the joy has left your life.

I’m here to help you:

Confidently pay off debt & monthly bills

Create a realistic budget that actually sticks

Build a better future for you and your family

Are you ready to take the next step?

Awesome! Together through personalized coaching we will break through financial fears by learning step by step methods that will fulfill your financial dreams and launch you into your exciting new future!

Empowering Others Starts with You

I believe that giving back helps us grow spiritually and as a global community. By giving back, we can teach others to love, inspire hope, and believe in the power of their dreams. A percentage of each program sale is placed in a scholarship fund to support those in financial need.

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