Meet your Coach

Hi! I’m Misty, the brains behind Crazy Fun Finance.

I am a passionate entrepreneur and philanthropist who is dedicated to helping women like you achieve true financial freedom.

Whether your stress comes from debt, overspending, or just plain bad luck – don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

My number one goal is to help you achieve the financial success you’ve always wanted but has always seemed far fetched

No matter what your background or current situation, I believe YOU were meant to have a life that fulfills your dreams and makes you feel at peace. When it comes to money and security, you may not have had it easy, but you absolutely deserve to create a financial legacy that isn’t riddled with debt and stress.

Right now though, that comfortable, enjoyable, financially secure life probably seems out of reach…

Right now, you wake up each day feeling overwhelmed by debt, bills, and feeling like no matter how much you work, you never seem to have enough money to move forward in your life. Savings, investments, and vacation funds seem perfectly attainable for others but never for yourself.

In fact, you can probably relate to the following:

  • You’re so used to having credit card and loan debt that you don’t even question it anymore
  • You worry that your kids aren’t learning to manage their money and you fear that their finances might end up like yours one day
  • You feel like no matter how hard you work, your paychecks are gone as soon as they hit the bank
  • The budgets you make seem to fall apart quickly, feel suffocating, and/or leave you feeling frustrated and shameful. So why bother?
  • You’d rather ignore bills and delay opening your mail, which – let’s be real – only causes you more stress and anxiety

If you feel anxious just reading this, you’re not alone!

I have spoken with many smart, educated, and otherwise “put together” people who have been in your shoes. I’ve learned that we all have a money story that we carry around with us, and it affects every aspect of our financial lives.

Are you ready to take control of your finances?

Before I teach you how to make finance crazy fun, I’d like to share my own money story (spoiler alert – it’s not pretty)

Born and raised in a small town outside of Houston, Texas, I have walked the long and winding road from total bankruptcy to financial peace and balance.

I grew up burdened with an alcoholic mother who had no sense of how to manage her finances. Our family would have very little money for food or bills, and when the collections would start coming in, my mom would react by drinking more, acting out, and ignoring the real problem.

    Well-intentioned family members would help her get out of debt and on her feet again, but each time she’d promise the same thing – to save money and turn her financial habits around.

    Things would seem okay for a while and she’d seem to be on top of her finances and spending habits… for a little while.

    But sadly, after a few months, the same destructive cycle would start up all over again.

    Entering adulthood, I thought I knew what not to do, but still had no idea what I should do to effectively manage my money.

    Because I had only ever associated money with feelings of anxiety and fear, personal finance became something to avoid thinking about entirely.

    I would hear things like, “Save your money. Work hard. Get an education,” but these didn’t help me understand the value of money. Ignoring the problem didn’t solve anything, and by the age of 21, I found myself trapped in the same exact cycle I inherited from my mom.

    Even though I was burning myself out by working full time all through college, I was still burdened with so much debt I actually had to file for bankruptcy!

      The day I filed for bankruptcy, I made a critical decision.

      Never again would I be in a position where my credit score was laughable it was so low, I owed more in late fees and interest than I earned in a month, and the stress of my financial situation was causing my health to rapidly decline.

      I needed to change my money story and I needed to do it fast.

      Even with all the debt erased in bankruptcy, I still was living outside of what was feasible for my salary.

      Immediately I made myself a budget to see where my money had to go each month. Wow, that was an eye-opener!

      I had to exchange my car for one with a lower monthly payment and had better gas mileage, start spending less on groceries each week which meant looking at the sales and using coupons, staying in on weekends and learning to have fun with friends and family at home.

      Shopping for clothes and extras now became an every now and again event, usually when extra money was received for my birthday or Christmas.

      Since that fateful day 27 years ago, I have been able to…

      • Balance my checkbook every month
      • Pay bills on time while still having fun with friends and family
      • Get an education to support myself
      • Research and learn best money practices so that I can teach others how to find their own money-life balance
      • Use my financial success to help people, instead of feeling stingy about money all the time
      • Pay my monthly student loan bills with ease
      • Save plenty for retirement
      • Enjoy vacations with my family without “breaking the bank”
      • … and even own a home!

      Does this mean I never have to worry about finances? Heck, no! But it does mean that I have a process that allows me to handle financial adversity with a sense of peace and calm.

      Are you ready to turn your next money meltdown into a money mindset breakthrough?

      So what exactly does all this mean for YOU?

      If you’re feeling lost and trapped, I want you to remember one thing – each day comes with financial challenges and anxieties, but if you keep your financial goals in mind, it will make your relationship with money a lot healthier.

      It’s only when you decide to build a new money story for yourself that things will start to shift in your life.

      It starts when you can look within and say “I love you, and I deserve more.” And it’s true – you CAN have more. Your past is not going to define your future – I’m living proof!

      For the past three decades, I have dedicated my life to helping individuals and families find financial success. I’ve worked directly with CPAs to learn the in’s and out’s of tax preparation, banking, accounting, and retirement planning.

      Some areas I help my clients are…

      Debt Payoff

      Money Mindset

      Retirement Planning


      Vacation Savings

      Ready to flip your money story so it works for you instead of against you?

      Empowering Others Starts with You

      I believe that giving back helps us grow spiritually and as a global community. By giving back, we can teach others to love, inspire hope, and believe in the power of their dreams.

      I am so excited to help those who are ready for a new financial life that for each program sold, a percentage of the sale is placed in a scholarship fund to support those whose financial lives are so grim they can’t afford the assistance they desperately need. If this sounds like you, click the button below to apply for a Crazy Fun Finance scholarship!

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